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Procedure Type: Surgical Colonoscopy/Endoscopy Pain Mgmt Other
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1. The information and instructions given to me by the Nurse during the PreOp phone call were:
2. At check-in, the ability of the staff to answer my questions was:
3. The level of personal interest and care I received from my Anesthesiologist was:
4. The courtesy and professionalism of the nursing staff toward me and my family member/caregiver was:
5. The Level of personal interest and care I received from my Doctor was:
6. The protection of confidentiality and my personal privacy was:
7. The cleanliness and comfort of the facility was:
8. The management of pain after my procedure was:
9. The instructions given to me upon discharge were:
10. My overall experience and the care I received at your facility was:
11. Did you experience any unexpected problems after your procedure? Yes No
If yes, please explain:
12. What did you like most about our facility?
13. What do you feel could have been improved upon at our facility?
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16. Please list any employees that provided you with exceptional service: